Total Fitness Training, Inc.
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Dennis K. Flood's
When all other medical professionals have given up and say there can be no
further  progress, we step in.  If it seems like there is no hope for you or your
loved one to return to a functional level, this is when we can  provide the right
kind of therapy and support.
Bone Fractures
Cardiac Disease
Lower Extremity Claudication
Orthopedic Surgery
Plantar Fasciitis
Pre- and Post-Operative Fitness
Sedentary Lifestyle
Visual Impairment
Weight Loss
Personal Trainer

Improved fitness increases confidence, comfort and ability for adults of all ages
as they pursue the activities of daily living.
Total Fitness Training, Inc. is a personal
training service created to help you
become stronger, gain better stamina,
and improve your overall quality of life.  
Our extensive training in Clinical Exercise
Physiology allows us to serve people with
a wide variety of medical conditions, as
well as those already in good health.
About Dennis K. Flood and Total Fitness Training
We Address the Following Medical Conditions:
Personal Trainer